document verification

A Better Way to Verify Documents

Orba One is your simple, easy and customizable, cloud based solution for automated document verification.


International Document Verification

Stop fraud. Orba One enables users to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of documents and protect against identity theft with state-of-the-art document verification technology.


Comprehensive Data

Orba One’s RESTful real-time API allows you to access comprehensive data from more than 2.6 million sources and our advanced analytics helps you utilize data and create smart solutions.


Document Scanning for your Enterprise

Orba One has an innovative and cost effective OCR technology with the ability to scan up to 800+ documents within seconds.


Multilingual OCR

Orba One natively supports localization with multiple languages and scripts across all types of documents.

Multiply Your Revenue with Seamless Onboarding

Great customer experiences are no longer nice to have, savvy customers are quick to look elsewhere to meet their immediate needs. Orba One’s platform reduces the drop-off rate for your business and increases conversions.

Orba One’s document verification makes onboarding simple, seamless and scalable. Let us help your business increase revenue while eliminating friction.


Global Access

Orba One accepts documents from countries around the world, so we empower you to process customers globally.


Secures Your Business

Orba One’s diverse approach of using AI and human expert analysis ensures the highest onboarding completion rates.


It’s Easy and Simple

Allow your customers the convenience and ease when onboarding with you in real-time.


Secure Your Product with Enchanced ID Checks

Life comes at you fast, ensure the security and the authenticity of your documents with our sophisticated verification technology.

Orba One Document Verification offers you data security and catches up to 98% of ID Fraud attempts. Our scalable AI powered ID platform provides solutions for businesses who need to verify the identity of their users. Orba One enables real-time, fully automated and transparent verification of documents that allows businesses to innovate their service offerings.

Orba One offers a fast and efficient way to verify the authenticity of a document with a high degree of certainty. Our service provides protection, security and peace of mind for your people, process and assets.

Verify a document online, when you need it and where you need it. With Orba One connect to more than 180 countries globally to verify any kind of government issued ID anywhere in the world in seconds.

From small startups to enterprise customers, Orba One is flexible enough to suit your needs.

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