Liveness detection

Are Your Customers Who They Say They Are?

Orba One’s advanced liveness detection capabilities provides immediate and sustainable protection against online fraud. Increase assurance with every verification while seamlessly onboarding your users.


Identity Verification Matters

Orba One’s sophisticated technology grants your customers faster verifications and maximum security.

Identity Spoofing Prevention

Orba One understands the interconnections between people, risk, and fraud in the online world. We use advanced machine learning to eliminate identity spoofing, fake accounts and other methods criminals use to cheat online businesses.

Cross Platform Support

Our cross platform support allows you to leverage Orba One using mobile SDKs, robust APIs, and realtime webhooks that facilitate information exchange between your system and ours.

Facial Biometric Threshold

Orba One allows your business to set an acceptance threshold score that provides risk based assessments. Our platform compares the end user's features and their goverment issued ID to determine the authenticity of your customers.

Powering Liveness Checks

Orba One offers both active and passive liveness checks based on your requirements that prevents the switching of identities and sophisticated fraud that cheats the human eye.


3D Face Monitoring

Orba One uses face tracking, with more than 50 points of facial recognition to obtain 3D information about your face. Our sophisticated software deciphers various human motion in real-time to reduce fraud attempts.


Active Liveness Detection

Orchestrated by a selfie and powered by our liveness detection technology, biometric identifiers distinguish legitimate users from pseudo attempts by seamlessly identifying and capturing natural motion at different angles in real-time.


Voice Recognition

No two voices are the same. Orba One’s voice identification and recogonition system confirms your identity by analysing your voice’s unique characteristics. It is perfect for adding another layer of efficient security.

Logical, Detailed and Straightforward

We believe that software documentation does not need to be complicated. That is why we tailored Orba One’s documentation for easy evaluation and integration.

We offer integrations for Web, Android and iOS.

From small startups to enterprise customers, Orba One is flexible enough to suit your needs.

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